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Albania welcomes the World!


About JKN

"International Cultural Weeks" is a platform of the Ministry of Economy, Culture, and Innovation that brings a series of events aimed at recognising and embracing various world cultures by the public, to create a more inspiring future that unites us in diversity. 

Each week is dedicated to a specific global culture, which is brought closer to the Albanian table through activities that best convey the richness of these cultures, through films, melodies, architecture, costumes, cuisine, and heritage. JKN is a cultural parade that extends from May to November, becoming the centrepiece of all activities that enliven Albanian cities. 

The main focus of this initiative is to create bridges, stimulate creativity, and promote cultural exchange with an eye towards innovation, as a necessary means to address common challenges the world is facing, through new artistic and cultural approaches. 

International Cultural Weeks, with their energy, transform the scene of activities in the country into a multidisciplinary international arena, thus presenting a broader offer for all ages, tastes, and cultural backgrounds. Thanks to a dynamic and inclusive program, JKN aims to create an extraordinary atmosphere and convey valuable messages that can enhance everyone's footprint in their community.